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wall design wall design wall design We would like to present you a special 3D wall panel system, which is unique not only in its form, but also in the material we used to create them. Wood, metal and china appear together on the wall panels that are decorated with arabesque figures. Some panels have a nacre or leather surface.
Their decorative, sculpture-like appearance and their artistically developed, painted china and laser-cut metal overlays create a magical, oriental atmosphere.
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Usage of the 3D panels

As a result of its arabesque motives, the ARABIC wall coverage system could be the unique decoration of
  • the interior of private flats (living room, bedroom, hall),
  • hotel receptions, restaurants and guestrooms,
  • libraries,
  • the lobby of theatres, concert halls, museums
  • office buildings,
  • hospitals, and every interiors where one wishes to achieve a really special atmosphere.

  • The ARABIC wall panels were inspired by Moroccan, arabesque motives. The decorative pattern can be used both in modern and in classical interiors. A motive can be ordered with different additional decorative elements (metal or china plaques), and as a result additional variations can be created from the basic patterns.

    The ARABIC 100 wall panels come with an elegant, walnut veneer

    The panels are decorated with plaques made from china and decorated with Arabic ornaments, inwrought metal plates and golden or platinum paintings.
    arabic design
    The arabesque flower motive can be ordered in three different forms. The ART 101 has a china overlay, the ART 102 has a china and metal overlay, while the ART 103 design has no overlay. These three panels can be combined and this way wall surfaces of different styles can be developed. We can achieve the most impressive effect by using the Art 102 panel, as in this case the entire wall surface is richly decorated. wall design
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    The china panels can be ordered in gold and platinum colour and with three different (matte and bright) motives.
    wall design
    wall design

    Metal overlay on the Art 102 wall panel
    The metal overlays are optional, they are prepared with four different patterns and they can be ordered with gold or chrome surface adapted to the china elements.
    wall design

    ARABIC ART 201 wall panel

    This wall panel is inspired by the arabesque „gate motive”. The elegant wall panel has a beech veneer and can be a decorative accessory also in modern places. With lighting built into the ceiling or the floor the effect can be more dramatic in the case of each of our wall panels.

    wall design

    ARABIC ART 301 és 302 wall panel

    The hexagonal, inwrought wall panel is unique for the fact that behind the inwrought parts the original colour of the wall appears and therefore additional variations can be created by painting the wall before applying the panels (for example by cobalt blue paint). The china accessories are also hexagonal in the case of this panel, and are decorated with cobalt blue motives inspired by the Arabic style. wall design wall design
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    ARABIC ART 401 és 402 wall panel

    This panel that is covered by nacre and has a leather look is a real speciality. The 3D diamond shape can be an effective accessory of modern interior design. The panels can be used separately or combine with other styles. For people who prefer an extravagant, luxury atmosphere we recommend the Art 402 panel that has leather coverage, while glimmer and magnificence are expressed by the Art 401 wall panel. With lighting both wall panels can be an emphatic element of the interior.
    art wall design art wall design
    art wall design

    Kind regards:
    Denes Salacz
    qualified wood science specialist

    Andrea Ruby

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