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The Santa Maria Furniture

What do you desire for? The sea, sunshine, yachting, journeys? Or are you rather attracted by luxury yachts and the speed?
SANTA MARIA yacht furniture will provide the experience you long for.
These items can serve as special decorations either in the living room, workroom, library room or the office. The furniture made of mahogany, antiaris and exotic wood material creates a luxurious atmosphere in any kind of space.
SANTA MARIA furniture represents the highest quality, it is unique and special both in terms of design and delivery.

Antique ship style bookcase

The solid wood bookcase looks like the section of a medieval ship and has CD and DVD storage drawers in the bottom as well as adjustable shelves in the top. TV can also be placed on the top.
Top panels of the bottom element and the complete furniture have a fully striped arched surface similarly to ship poops (mahogany and antiaris stripes).
Shelf slides on the back of the bookcase and handles are covered by copper according to the style of luxury yachts.

design bookcase design ship style bookcase yacht bookcase luxurious mahogany bookcase

Yacht design mahogany desk

The desk looks like a luxury yacht. It is sophisticated, stylish, precise, a real love at first sight.
Its front panel consists of solid wood, mahogany stripes, while the top of the desk is decorated by mahogany and antiaris marquetry. A speciality of the desk is a wood antiaris pillar symbolising a mast.
The top of this pillar can be lifted by a special appliance and a storage place built under the top appears.
The luxury desk is not only a part of the Santa Maria collection, it could also be an excellent and special item in an office, library room or living room in itself.
writing desk desks writing desk design furniture

mohagony desk luxury yacht writing desk luxury mahogany writing desk luxurious file cabinet yacht design cabinet

Bar cabinet as a hallmark of luxury

The mahogany, solid wood, bar cabinet is not an everyday part in a yacht design. It shapes a prow and makes the bar unique this way.
The bottom element of the furniture can be pulled out fully, glasses and drinks can be placed into two drawers. Above the two drawers, there is an arched counter for preparing cock-tails.

design bar cabinet solid wood cabinet mahogany furniture mahogany cabinet yacht style, solid wood cabinet

Ruby`n Design Furniture

    The manufactured materials worth their name:
  • Exotic wood types, such as
  • sapele mahogany
  • or antiaris
  • Special exotic veneers:
  • macassar ebony,
  • jatoba,
  • padouk,
  • santos rose wood,
  • wenge,
  • teak,
  • Knife-cut TABU veneers,
  • European and American wood from temperate climate forests:
  • walnut,
  • american walnut,
  • pear,
  • plum
  • or root veneers made of the above