yacht designer

Design: Andrea Ruby interior designer

In my opinion, harmony and beauty cannot be separated from each other. I believe that a harmonious interior is calming as well, and gives us a homey feeling.
I believe in the power of impression and emotion. Furniture and interior design can impress people only if it is able to transmit emotions and touch our souls.
SANTA MARIA yacht furniture is one of my favourite pieces of work. I hope that it will make its future owners as happy as I was while designing them.

My life and carrier in brief:
I studied art and education history at Janus Pannonius University. I have always been interested in creativity and innovation. I also studied hotel management, tourism, international marketing, furniture and interior design.
Now I think all the studies apart from my profession were also very useful, since I often find myself in situations where I really need them.
I have been working as a designer since more than 10 years and I am still delighted to my job. Designing can make your dreams come true.

Production planning: Denes Salacz engineer of wood sciences MSc

I believe that function and shape can exist only together. Both are little without each other. The saying `1+1>2` really fits this area.
I have been managing our company since more than 15 years and production planning is still my favourite task, this is my hobby. Furniture dreamed to paper has a long way to production. Meeting these technical problems is both challenging and delighting for me.

My life and carrier in brief:
I studied electric engineering at the Technical University of Budapest, but I felt my creativity cannot develop, so I switched to the University of Forestry and Wood Sciences in Sopron where I graduated as an engineer of wood sciences MSc.
Later, related to my enterprise, I extended my knowledge of economics and I completed the manager department of European Business School. Some years ago, our company was the first to introduce the IMOS CAD-CAM System, which created a new opportunity to develop production planning.
Santa Maria yacht collection is very close to my heart. Not only because the long time of its planning, but I am also in love with sea and sailing. I wish you might feel the joy of sailing at your own home or office as well. I believe that energy put in work does not disappear, and those who work with passion are happy people.