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Luxury yacht as an office room

Yachting is a lifestyle. One, who tasted the passion for water and wind, cannot relieve any more. As a special task an office room in luxury yacht style had to be furnished. The whole room symbolizes the interior space of a ship. There are curved planks on the side walls and the ceiling and there are ribs made of antiaris on the two longitudinal walls. All elements of the furniture are made in the highest possible quality and create a fascinating effect immediately with its unique and special form. As opposed to real yacht building elements, it had to be ready-to-use in order to avoid any necessary modifications by the time it is on the spot. Practically the whole room is set up once at the scene of manufacturing before delivery and after orange oil polishing the composition is set up again on the spot. Orange oil is not just a natural, solvent-free material, it also provides a beautiful colour and shine for the furniture. Moreover, its delicious aroma fills the air for weeks.

The "bow" - luxurious relaxing

There is a small niche at one of the corners of the room symbolizing a bow of a real yacht. The armchair with blue upholstery in style, also suitable for reading and relaxing, is located at this part of the room. From this point the whole room is easy to see, therefore to relax here means a real yachting experience.
luxury furniture luxury yacht furniture

The closet

The room has a slanted wall creating a small niche. We had two ideas to use this space. According to the first, this would have been the place for the armchair. However, in this case either the desk should have been placed on the wall or the space would have been too narrow. According to the other (which finally have been delivered), we designed a closet made of mahagony wood suitable for storing books and files. The middle panel of the closet is closed with a glass door in order to ease monotony.

The mast and the desk

Desks are always significant in office rooms. Originally we designed an arched desk standing on slim legs. Finally we changed it on our client's request and we developed a desk with a latticed front made of mahagony. The top panel of the desk is also from mahagony and it is decorated with antiaris marquetry (intarsia). The wall of the poop is the easiest to furnish. There is a mast on the middle of the wall which, since this is a "yacht" it is worthy to be a wardrobe. There are shelves on the two sides of the mast and ship crates underneath. It was a special challenge to hide the radiators that are essential on the one hand, and do not match with a yacht style at all on the other. Antiaris ribs and curved planks (with sprocketed elements) provide the right solution. mahogany furniture boat furniture

TV on the yacht

It was an interesting task to place a TV in the "room". According to our client's request it should be hidden, but easy to see during usage. Curved walls set a real challenge because wardrobes are not easy to fit and match with the design at the same time. The solution was placing the wardrobe on the wall of the door. To hide the TV, we used a double hinged door that follows the curves of the shelves.

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Kind regards:
Dénes Salacz
qualified wood science specialist
Andrea Ruby Designer