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Arabic - New wall panel system from Ruby'n Design

wall design wall design wall design We would like to present you a special 3D wall panel system, which is unique not only in its form, but also in the material we used to create them. Wood, metal and china appear together on the wall panels that are decorated with arabesque figures. Some panels have a nacre or leather surface.
Their decorative, sculpture-like appearance and their artistically developed, painted china and laser-cut metal overlays create a magical, oriental atmosphere. arabic design
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Our New Ruby`n Collection: Santa Maria

Sea, sunshine, sailing, travelling; are these what you are longing for? Or rather a luxury yacht and speed is what really allures you?
SANTA MARIA yacht is your collection!
This furniture collection, featured by special yacht design and minute manufacturing, can be placed in living rooms, studies, libraries or even exclusive offices.
Solid mahogany and antiaris wood make luxury atmosphere in your home or office as well.

Ruby'n design Furniture

Like an impression, our furniture make special, unique atmosphere at your home. Our company has been offering creative and sophisticated furniture since 1995.
In 2010 we have developed a new brand called Ruby`n, which presents innovation, emotion and elegant style.
Ruby`n design means the highest quality, extraordinary, small series furniture, which is unique both in manufacture and design.

Our Name, Ruby`n - Our Designers

The choice of our name is not accidental. Ruby`n is a word-play: it recalls on the one hand the name of the designer, Andrea Ruby, on the other hand the precious stone of creativity, ruby ( which ends in an `n` sound in Hungarian: rubin).

Ruby`n Design Furniture

    The manufactured materials worth their name:
  • Exotic wood types, such as
  • sapele mahogany
  • or antiaris
  • Special exotic veneers:
  • macassar ebony,
  • jatoba,
  • padouk,
  • santos rose wood,
  • wenge,
  • teak,
  • Knife-cut TABU veneers,
  • European and American wood from temperate climate forests:
  • walnut,
  • american walnut,
  • pear,
  • plum
  • or root veneers made of the above